The application of Expert System: A review of Research and Applications

The development of Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology system can be a wide scope; for an instant, there are rule-based expert system, frame-based expert system, fuzzy logic, neural network, genetic algorithm, etc. The remarkable achievement applications of AI has been reported in different disciplines including field of medicals, militaries, chemistry, engineering, manufacturing, management, and others. Its’ discoveries and contributions through of AI study since the early 1970s were be significant step to enhance better performance of human work activities and probably replaced by these technologies. Today, there a lot of intelligent machine is available in everywhere such as airport gate scanner, movie theater counter ticket, vending machine, ATM machine, washing machine, etc. Expert system has been used widely in many areas and industries. This paper is described the current research and development of expert system.

The discovery and development of expert systems recorded since in the early 1970s until today. The unique characteristic of the expert system is an explanation capability to review its own reasoning and explain its decisions (Hetem, 2000). It was built by extracting knowledge from human experts (Tan & Kher, 2012) as shown in Figure. 1 (Tan, 2007), to be applied in a computer program for knowledge processing so that it can deal with quantitative and qualitative data. Compared to other conventional program that require sequences of step prescripted called algorithm, expert system more intelligent as human being that allow inexact reasoning and can deal with incomplete data.

Expert system programming can be categorized based of the particular subject area and it purpose of applications, as such type of diagnosis (Tan et al., 2012; Tan et al., 2013), repair, instruction, interpretation, prediction (Moorkherjee and Bhattacharyya, 2001), design and planning, simulation (Negnevitsky, 2002), reengineering (Asgharizadeh et al., 2011), control, classification or identification and others many. Each type of expert system programming development would apply different rules, code, sequence of algorithm, interactive method between user and program etc. These categories are not rigid because some cases of application may exhibit characteristics of more than one category as refer to Table 1.

The main objective of the development of an expert fault diagnosis system is to achieve an integrated diagnostic procedure for air-conditioning development. The research was done in a subsidiary of the largest automotive parts manufacturing group in Malaysia. The developed system is to diagnose problems in the product development process in the vehicle air-conditioning manufacturing company. The developed ES will trace the error and defect in the various phases in the development processes. The developed ES is able to shorten the product development time and increase the efficiency in the decision making process.

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