Transforma XDBOT


eXtreme Disinfection roBOT (XDBOT) is designed for a situation that requires regular disinfection everywhere.

Removes need for cleaners to be in contact with surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of picking up the virus from potentially contaminated areas

Addresses the current manpower crunch in the sanitation industry


Aside from conventional pressure-spray nozzle, XDBot has an electrostatic-charged nozzle to ensure a wider and further spread of the disinfectant, behind and over hidden surfaces. An electrostatic nozzle discharges disinfectant droplets with a positive electrical charge. These droplets will then be attracted to the negatively-charged surfaces. Surfaces already covered with the disinfectant will then repel the spray (positive repels positive) so that these droplets seek out surfaces with no disinfectant yet, making this method very efficient.

Height: 120 cm
Weight: 50 kg (ex battery & disinfectant)

Battery Life
Runtime: 4 hours
Charging Time: 1 hour to full

– Intuitive user interface with configurable painting parameters and output data

– Disinfects a 20 sqm room focusing on high touch areas within 6 minutes
– Spray can cover up to 5 SQM per minute or around 2,400 SQM in 8 hours
– Up to 4x faster disinfection than manual

Reach: 230 cm (height)
Spray Cover: 40 cm diameter (without electrostatic)
Spray distance: 80 cm to target for max wrap-around effect of with electrostatic
Spray gun arc:
– 270 degree side-to-side (horizontal)
– -45 to 45 degrees up-down (vertical)
Droplet Size: 40 microns
Spray Discharge: 160 mL per minute
Tank Capacity: 10L
Disinfectants: Client’s choice

Speed: 1 m/s
Control Distance: 30 m (max)
– Semi-autonomous (XDBot Lite version)
– Full autonomous (XDBot Pro version)
– Able to rotate in place
– Able to go through narrow spaces (60 cm wide)