Soft Gripper – ROCHU


ROCHU soft robotic gripper group, which focuses on soft robotic technology and provides soft gripper solutions for industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing.

ROCHU soft robotic gripper based on Germany advanced nanometer material science and technology, combined with the bionic design concept, the flexible grippers are applied to the diversified industrial scene.

ROCHU product series include finger module, gripper suit, beak suit, control unit, and so on. The products apply to industrial automation, logistics, food, medical, automobile, clothing, textile,3C electronics, toys, education, and other industries.

1) Soft gripper for Food

2) Soft gripper for Textile

3) Soft gripper for 3C-electronics

4) Soft gripper for Automobile

5) Soft gripper for Smart picking of Logistics

6) Mini type Soft Robotic Gripper

7) Light Type Soft Robotic Gripper

8) Middle Type Soft Robotic Gripper

9) Heavy Type Soft Robotic Gripper

10) The other Type Soft Robotic Gripper

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