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Driving innovation and digital transformation with Huawei’s all-scenario, modular solutions—deployed on platforms and applied to multiple domains, such as public utilities, logistics, manufacturing, and smart city.

How Does the IoT Drive Enterprises to Create a Better-Connected Physical World?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the integration of digital and physical worlds and causing customer demand to shift from products to services, meaning production is now determined by consumers—not producers. Integral to such developments are ICT systems, which are transforming from support systems to production systems.

The IoT is an enormous and complex ecosystem that requires joint efforts and close collaboration of ICT solution providers, enterprises, research institutes, and governments. Huawei has, with partners, been developing excellent IoT solutions that promote the industry ecosystem and drive innovation.

– Flexible Deployment
– Multiple Connections
– Intelligent Management
– Data Security
– Open Ecosystem

IoT Connection Management Platform
Huawei Cloud Core Network has developed a unified IoT connection management platform that is access agnostic, carrier-class, scalable, and open.

The platform provides full connections among people and things. It supports fast integration of multiple vertical industry applications and offers APIs to meet diversified device access needs, helping carriers, enterprises, and industries build end-to-end IoT solutions and to quickly integrate multiple industry applications and increase business revenues. The open APIs help customers quickly integrate industry devices, accelerating service rollout and reducing integration costs.

EC-IoT Solution
Huawei’s Edge Computing IoT (EC-IoT) Solution supports a wide range of industrial protocols and interfaces to adapt to different industry connection scenarios through in-depth and open edge computing capabilities and cloud management architecture.

We provide IoT Services & Solutions such as:
– Consultancy
– Strategy
– Integration
– Training
– Testing & Validation
– Programming

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