Han*s Elfin Series Collaborative Robot – COBOT

Elfin collaborative robots are applied for integrated automatic production lines, assembly, pickup, welding, grinding, painting, etc. Our collaborative robots have 4 different payloads of 3,5,10 and 15 kg and are easily integrated into your production lines.

Safer work
With Elfin robots, there is no need to pay extra for safe operation the same as traditional robots. The robots have high collaborative performance and can perform a protective stop immediately when they encounter resistance, ensuring the safety of co-workers, workpieces, and production equipment.

More Flexible Deployment
Elfin robots can be mounted at any angle and installed anywhere to minimize the impact on the production lines. Redeployment requires a very short time and is very suitable for small batches, customized and short-cycle production, which is the best choice for automation transformation.

Easier Operation
Elfin robots can be easily taught by moving the end of the arm to the desired position or desired trajectory, which greatly saves the programming time. 10 minutes is absolutely enough for building one simple pick and place program.

Fast, Stable Ether CAT bus communication
The controller and robot joint adopt industrial EtherCAT communication, which enables the system to have excellent control performance and strong an-interference ability.

Elfin robot for spraying/painting

Industry 4.0 Elfin collaborative robot for pick and place with industrial machines

collaborative robot with camera system