GRB410 & GRB430


The fast, compact and low-cost solutions are ideal for factories looking for maximum value without sacrificing performance. SCARA-4 axis robot is widely accepted in electronics, medical, consumer products, semiconductor, hard drive, pharmaceutical, solar, telecommunications and automotive assembly.


  • High Performance
    0.45s cycle time improves total part throughput;
    Outstanding acceleration and deceleration rates with smooth start and stop motion;
    Low residual vibration due to unique high rigidity arm design;
    Fast speed and precise movement with accuracy ±0.01mm.
  • Compact Design
    Simple, reliable operation, with easy-to-use lead-through programming. It can be easily integrated into any production environment with such a small-space occupying.
  • Powerful Controller and intuitive Programming Software
    Self-own robot controller and software make guarantee for all situation may meet at production site. And making automation fast and easy.
  • Vision System as further choice
    The vision system can be added at top and JT 4 to monitor the production.
  • Increase productivity
    SCARA can work 24 hours a day. Together with vision system, the yield rate will be highly improved.



Item Parameter
Main Loop Power Single Phase 220V AC, ± 10%
Communication Bus EtherCAT
IO Interface DI : 12 Optoisolator input

DO : 12 Optoisolator output

AI : 2 ; AO : 2

Cooling Method Air Cooling
Power Supply 220V, Single Phase 50Hz
Weight 30KG
IP Grade IP 20
Load 3kg (GRB410) ; 6kg (GRB430)