Dobot CR5 – COBOT

Intelligent Lightweight Collaborative 6-axis Robot

DOBOT CR5 (formerly known as CR6-5) is a lightweight collaborative 6-axis robot newly developed by DOBOT. It has successfully overcome abundant technical problems like achieving the integrated joints and servo control and lightweight body.


Weight (kg) 23kg
Payload (kg) 5kg
Reach (mm) 902mm
Maximum Speed 3m/s
Joint Ranges (°) J1 ±180
J2 ±180
J3 ±160
J4 ±180
J5 ±180
J6 ±360
Joint Maximum Speed (° /s) J1 180° /s
J2 180° /s
J3 180° /s
J4 180° /s
J5 180° /s
J6 180° /s
 Tool I/O Ports DI 2
DO 2
AI 2
AO 0
Communication RS485
Control Box I/O Ports DI 16
DO 16
AI 2
AO 2
Repeatability ±0.03mm
Power 100~240VAC,
Communication TCP/IP,
EtherCAT, Wi-Fi
IP Classification IP54
Temperature 0~50°
Power Supply About 200W when running typical programs
Material Aluminium alloy, ABS
Certification /