International Review of Mechanical Engineering (IREME)


  • Effect of Continuous Hydrogen Injection on Diesel Engine Performance and Emission
    by M. N. M. Norani, B. T. Tee, Z. M. Zulfattah, M. N. Mansor, M. I. Ali
  • Preliminary Study of Acoustical Treatment in a Scaled Model Mosque
    by Dg. Hafizah, Azma Putra, Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor, Ain Nur Haznida
  • Finite Element Structural Analysis of Big Yacht Superstructures
    by D. Boote, G. Vergassola, T. Pais, M. Kramer
  • Infrastructure and Environment Impact Assessment of the Potential Massification of Electric Vehicles in Bogota, D.C.
    by B. Morales, J. Rosero
  • PID Control for Distilled Product and Bottom Concentration in a Binary Distillation Column
    by Angelica Orjuela, Olga Ramos, Dario Amaya
  • Mathematic and Numerical Modeling of Biogas Production in the Bioreactive Plant for Valorizing Domestic Waste
    by A. Mohcine, K. Gueraoui, A. Mzred, G. Zeggwagh, S. Men-La-Yakhaf
  • Systemic Analysis of the Adoption of Electric Vehicle Technologies in Colombia
    by M. Herrera, J. Rosero, O. Casas
  • A Fault Diagnosis Expert System for Building Chillers
    by C. N. Tan, C. F. Tan, M. A. Abdullah
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