International Coalition of Intelligent Manufacturing

Welcome to the Founding Meeting of ICIM

In order to facilitate international communication and cooperation in intelligent manufacturing field, the 13 member societies of the Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance of CAST (IMAC) initiate in launching an international organization entitled “the International Coalition of Intelligent Manufacturing (ICIM)”. As of now, 54 organizations from 16 countries have confirmed to be the founding members of ICIM.

IMAC was established in December 2016 as an academic cooperative organization with the sponsorship of 13 leading national learned societies under the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) to promote the R&D and application of intelligent manufacturing technologies in various industries. Ever since its establishment, IMAC has engaged in several important missions including publishing the survey report on technological trend of intelligent manufacturing, jointly organizing the 2nd World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit (WIMS), and releasing the Top Ten Progresses of the intelligent manufacturing communities home and abroad. IMAC has been recognized as the leading organization of intelligent manufacturing in China.

It is well understood that intelligent manufacturing is the important solution to transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry. However, it is a long term and sophisticated mission which involves the entire value chain of manufacturing enterprises, and includes the coordinated application of many emerging technologies. The solutions of intelligent manufacturing are quite different for different industries, and companies with different sizes and different business models. So, it urgently requires extensive and in-depth international cooperation.

The aim of the ICIM is to create an international communication and cooperation platform of intelligent manufacturing, connect with related organizations in other countries, so as to help manufacturers, solution suppliers, industry associations and academia build win-win partnership in developing and applying new technologies, unifying standards, extending market, and realizing business collaboration.

The preparatory working meeting of ICIM will be held on the morning of May 8, 2019 in Beijing Xiyuan Hotel, China. And more than 120 representatives of 70 organizations from 13 different countries and regions will attend this meeting on that day.

Topic: Fourth Industrial Revolution: how smart machines will transform everything we know and make sense of it
Time: 3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
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