A Knowledge-Based Architecture Framework of Design for Assemble System (DAEx)

Malaysian manufacturing sector has played an important role to boost up the economy at the domestic market. Today, the Malaysian manufacturing sector has facing the challenges that the manufacturing industry need to stay competitive to compete at the global market. Manufacturing cost of the company will directly effect on the company profit as well as product cost. Manufacturing cost may include material cost, labor cost and overhead. Various type of techniques and methods have been used to lower the manufacturing cost. With the advancement of computer, computer software has been used to solve the manufacturing sector problem.

In this research, expert system has been proposed to develop a diagnosis system to solve the problem of design of assemble. The effective assembly design of a product will able to reduce the total assembly time as well as reduce the manufacturing cost. An architecture framework of the developed Design for Assemble Expert system (DAEx) is described. The DFA expert system is developed using expert system shell to support the vehicle seat manufacturing process. The main aim is to reduce the assembly time and cost of vehicle seat manufacturing process.

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