A Fault Diagnosis Expert System for Commercial Bus Manufacturing process

The Malaysian commercial bus body and chassis is manufactured by local bus body manufacturer. The bus chassis from the company is a monocoque designed chassis. Manufacturer will face difficulties to get the knowledge from the expert when the expert is not around form working place. The expert for the bus body production process is engineer, technician, mechanic, contractor and supplier. Their production of equipment and machine are depending heavily on human expertise for production and it is costly. The knowledge and experience of the expert will be lost if he/she is resigned or retired. A system that is able to store the expert knowledge is needed in any industry with highly depending on experts. With the expert system, processes will be standardized and accuracy will be increased compared to the conventional way [1].

Based on the result above, this research highlights on knowledge-based system (KBS) in troubleshooting of bus body and chassis design process. The main objective of the research is to develop an expert fault diagnosis system framework for the commercial bus. Germignani and Dym concluded that knowledge based expert system is computer software that overcomes problems with expert solution [2, 3]. With the present of expert system, time used in design stage regarding on calculation related to rules and regulation can be shorten and suitable recommendation will be given. In addition, expert system is one of the artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that were developed from research and it is able to simulate the human cognitive skills for problem solving.

Hence, an expert system called Kappa-PC Software is been used as a software system to provide a standardized methodological approach to solve important and complex problem normally done by human experts [4]. The system will generate friendly prompts according to the user data. Friendly prompts will be shown as an advice to the user on how to solve the current problems.

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